We have all experienced some physical trauma which ultimately results in a scar. Whether it is from a scrape, cut, burn or post surgical, a scar is the body’s natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. Luckily, the revolutionary Silagen® Scar Refinement System, available at Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics, gives patients peace of mind when it comes to minimizing the appearance of unsightly scars. 

Silagen® is a comprehensive line of medical-grade silicone scar therapies that help flatten, soften, and smooth scars, while reducing redness, itching, and pain.  Silagen® works by offering the right amount of hydration and occlusion needed to stop scar tissue from becoming abnormal or excessive.  Silagen® also reduces the risk of your scar from darkening due to sun exposure. Silagen® feels soft and silky, but also dries more quickly than other silicone gels that are available. Once applied, it can be covered with sunscreen, cosmetics, and clothing. 

It’s time to stop hiding your scars.  Take the next step in getting beautiful skin from head to toe by setting up a consultation with the experts at Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics. To see what this exciting product can do for you, please contact our medical spa in Baton Rouge at (225) 201-2090 or visit us on the first floor of Louisiana Women’s Healthcare.