Mom-EZ™ Maternity Belts

Carrying around an extra human (or two!) can put added strain on certain parts of the body, most often the back, hips, pelvic area, and abs.

Mom-EZ™ maternity belts sold at Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics can help to reduce low back pain and fatigue during pregnancy and alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

Mom-EZ™ maternity belts wrap around the lower portion of your midsection and offer gentle support and compression to alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy.  Front contoured panels provide a gentle abdominal lift that does not press on the stomach and is safe for mom and baby. And the best part? Mom-EZ™ maternity belts are low-profile and can easily be worn under or over clothing for discreet support.

At Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics, we offer Mom-EZ™ maternity belts for expecting moms of all sizes.  Please visit our medical spa on the first floor of Louisiana Women’s Healthcare in Baton Rouge for your maternity belt fitting.