Whether you’re a teen with recurring outbreaks or suffering from adult acne, achieving smooth, balanced clear skin and reduction of acne scarring just got easier.  The Obagi CLENZIderm MD™ system has been proven in clinical trials to outperform all other benzoyl peroxide products. These are the only prescription-strength, physician dispensed acne removal products with a patented 5% benzoyl peroxide proven to penetrate deep into skin to treat acne where it starts. The end result is that pores are targeted  immediately and more effectively. As acne is treated below the skin’s surface, patients experience clear skin and a reduction in acne in as little as two weeks after beginning their treatment.


At Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics we want to help people of all ages achieve a clearer, healthier complexion. To learn more about the Obagi CLENZIderm MD™ line, speak with one of our skincare specialists by contacting (225) 201-2090 or by visiting our medical spa on the first floor of Louisiana Women’s Healthcare.