Sigvaris Compression


Sigvaris Compression

Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy are just par for the course.  On top of that, up to 35 percent of pregnant women will notice varicose veins -- symptoms caused by the increased bodily fluids necessary to nurture baby.  One way to help both symptoms is to slip on a pair of Sigvaris compression hosiery or socks available at Louisiana Women’s Aesthetics. 

Sigvaris compression wear are specially-made, snug-fitting, stretch socks that gently squeeze your leg.  The pressure these stockings put on your legs help your blood vessels work better.  From the very first time you put a pair on, you should feel a beneficial effect.

Compression stockings are advisable from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the high-risk period of up to six weeks after having given birth. But they aren’t just for pregnant women! Lots of people choose to wear compression stockings including athletes, elderly people, people with a high risk of forming blood clots, people with circulation issues, and people who are constantly on their feet.

Whether you’re expecting or not, it’s time to baby your legs!  Additionally, Sigvaris compression wear is a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift for all moms-to-be. Come check out our selection of Sigvaris compression socks and panty hose in all sizes and styles at our medical spa in Baton Rouge, on the first floor of Louisiana Womens’s Aesthetics.



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